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  • Established - Journey Begins 2006
    Vtech Biotron Private limited was registered.
  • Stepped In To Business 2010
    Initiated LED business vertical with Design and Development team and Prototype Product Development.
  • First & New Innovation 2012
    First indigenously designed back lit down light plastic injection moulds for 10 and 20 Watt LED luminaires using 0.5W refond Low Power LED with injection moulded Opec diffuser. Designed and developed In-house constant current LED Drivers.
  • Second Product Launch 2013
    Launched second generation slim backlit luminaries of various sizes ranging from 1x2, 2x2, 2x4 for Grid / Lay-in POP.
  • New Innovations - Implementation 2014
    Design, development and production of Clean Room luminaires, Clip-in ceiling fixtures. Also initiated industrial low-bay lights.
    Completed first export to Lagos Nigeria, executing 100,000 sq feet lighting for hospital with Grid & Clean room lights.
  • First Milestone In Industry 2015
    First in India, to launch in-house developed replacement for 4x54 Watt badminton (Shuttle) court diffused light fitting with lowest NRC prismatic diffuser. Options including 150W and 200W with a size of 490mm x 1200mm light fixtures. More than 100 badminton courts were installed with LunnArk luminaires in a span of 4 Years.
  • Lighting up 2 million square feet 2016
    Span of 5 years, completed 20 hospitals, major technology and pharmaceutical companies, malls across 5 states in Southern India – completed lighting up 2 million square feet artificial lighting area.
  • Another New Step Taken 2017
    Ventured into Linear Profile, Commercial Decorative luminaires and Stretch F abric ceiling concept to match changing trend of true ceiling interior concepts.
  • Introduced New Product Range. 2018
    Range of Technical Decorative lights were introduced by LunnArk, incorporating true ceiling concepts. The luminaire size designed to the tune of 1200 to 3000mm diameter with single diffuser. Introduced Color (CCT ) tuning concepts with Dali and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • New Concept In Light. 2019
    “Elemental lighting concepts and luminaire designs were introduced; concrete, clay, wood, jute, wicker, borosilicate glass, cork, acrylic, thread and FRP.
  • Journey Continues.... 2020
    From 2018 to 2020 major projects were completed with Lunnark technical decorative luminaires, lighting up project space totaling 5 million square feet. Initiating the development of Circadian lighting technologies integrated with LunnArk Technical Decorative Luminaries.
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